Next Gen Student Films

Detras de Una Mirada

A Film by Christopher G., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short documentary film, Édgar Gaytán shares their experience of discrimination as a transgender person living in Mexico and their journey to self-acceptance and self-love. CW: This film discusses sexual violence.

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Home: Joselyn’s Story

The Representation Project, 2019

A film about home, love, and motherhood, “Home: Joselyn’s Story” is the story of Joselyn. She was brought to the United States from Honduras by her mother when she was nine years old. As a mother now, she reflects on the decision her mother made for her, risking everything to give her daughter a better life.

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I Am Different

A Film by Diya K., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short film, Diya explores her feelings of otherness in her small community of Bothell, Washington, as a first-generation Indian-American and follows along as she navigates her experience of cultural assimilation and self-appreciation.

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A Film by Jocelyn C., The Representation Project, 2021

Three young adults living in different parts of the world share their relationship to language and how it affects their experience of community and connection to the people they know.

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A Film by Hillary T. ,The Representation Project, 2020

Displacement and unease of Lao civilians causes a young boy named Phomma to seek refuge in the United States, the “land of the free.”

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