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We have crafted age-appropriate curriculum to go with each of our films. This curricula is free for educators, parents, students, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to challenge damaging gender norms and stereotypes. Download our free curriculum below.


For girls, gender stereotypes are the root cause of body hatred/shame, eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and a lack of leadership ambition. For boys, gender role expectations are the primary driver of depression, risk-taking activities, substance abuse, violence towards themselves and others, and suicide. And binary gender norms exclude and dehumanize gender non-conforming and trans youth, who have the highest rates of depression and suicidal behavior for teens. The Representation Project tackles the mental health crisis with impact films and companion curriculum (offered for free). Miss Representation ignited a national conversation about how sexist media diminishes girls’ self-confidence, safety, and leadership ambitions. The Mask You Live In, started another national conversation about the harms of traditional masculinity to boys and young men. The Great American Lie, examines the roots of systemic inequalities through a unique gender lens and Fair Play tackles the pressing issue of gender inequality at home. Women have historically shouldered domestic and care work in the home, even though children, families, and society benefit from equality at home.

Download our FREE curriculum below.

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The Miss Representation curriculum is designed to engage students in three aspects of learning: 

  • Develop a more critical eye toward media and understand how gender representations influence the ways that we see each other and ourselves.
  • Critique media images as they begin to recognize the qualities that make for good leadership.
  • Uncover ways that they can act as allies for each other to support an end to stereotyping and create their own media images to respond to the dearth of positive representations of women and girls. 

The curriculum for K-5, middle and high school, college/university consists of a PDF with an eight-week curriculum including thirteen lesson plans for K-5 grade students, sixteen lessons for middle school, and twenty-one lessons for high school and post-secondary students.

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Download the free curriculum HERE.

The Mask You Live In

The Mask You Live In curriculum encourages students from kindergarten through university levels to think critically about ways in which gender stereotypes manifest in their lives – in the media and elsewhere – and intersect with race, class, and circumstance to influence people’s attitudes, behaviors, and options.

The curriculum can be used with or without the film. Curriculum for K-5 and middle and high school consists of a PDF with lesson plans, activities, resources, and age-appropriate film clips. College/university consists of a
PDF discussion guide with lesson plans, activities, and resources (no film clips).

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Download the free curriculum HERE.

The Great American Lie curriculum is designed to engage your student in critical thinking about the causes and consequences of economic inequality in the U.S. The curriculum can be used with or without the film. The curriculum for middle & high school and college & university provides up to eight weeks of 30 – 60 minute lesson plans to help students and workshop attendees develop the following:

  • Critical thinking skills to question our gendered values and their intersections with race, class, and circumstance.
  • Increased awareness about the dangerous and deceptive gendered value messages embedded in economic rhetoric and narratives about the American Dream.
  • A shift in consciousness to inspire more empathy, care, and collaboration toward combatting economic inequality and social injustices.

The PDF Curriculum includes lesson plans, activities, resources, and age-appropriate film clips.

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Download the free curriculum HERE.

Fair Play key art

Fair Play has launched a national conversation about women invisible work in the home. The gender gap in domestic and care work at home has profoundly negative consequences for couples, kids, and society. Viewers say Fair Play is life-changing.

The Fair Play toolkit is available to educators, community members, corporations and anyone interested in learning about screening Fair Play.

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Download the free curriculum HERE.


To expand the impact of our films, we are launching a new peer to peer gender justice educational curriculum that will be widely available at no cost to educators and students. This intensive curriculum will inspire young people to become each other’s allies and push back against the cultural norms that have made this generation the most depressed and suicidal generation we have ever seen.


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What Our Viewers Say About Fair Play - Nancy B.
What Our Viewers Say About Fair Play - Gayle King

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