Body Image

Next Gen Student Films

Still from TV show Never Have I Ever

Growing Up Gen Z

A Film by Naila J., The Representation Project, 2020

Growing Up Gen Z is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. Five students across the spectrum of Generation Z consider the influence technology has had on their development thus far and its potential effects on those coming after.

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Hair Care

A Film by Cadence C., The Representation Project, 2021

This short documentary film explores Cadence’s relationship with her natural hair and the beautiful memories of her grandmother doing her hair when she was a little girl.

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In a Body

A Film by Melany A., Danise K., Kenia C., and Mariana F., The Representation Project, 2019

“In A Body” brings awareness to what struggling with body image looks like and creates an open and honest dialogue with individuals who have successfully overcome body image issues.

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Inner Workings

A Film by Cara D., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short film, Cara opens up about her experience with depression and body dysmorphia. She explores how mental health struggles manifest for others in Generation Z, especially in the wake of the COVID19 Pandemic.

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It’s Okay To Be Real

A Film by Madison M. ,The Representation Project, 2020

This film aims to help educate the audience about how girls feel when they look at themselves in the mirror versus online on social media.

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A Film by Malinalli D. ,The Representation Project, 2020

TMI is a multigenerational story chronicles the experience and consequence of period stigma on women.

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