The mission of The Representation Project is to fight sexism through films, education, research, and activism.

In 2011, Jennifer Siebel Newsom founded The Representation Project in response to overwhelming public demand for ongoing education and social action in support of her first film, Miss Representation. Since then, Siebel Newsom has released two more acclaimed films, The Mask You Live In (2015) and The Great American Lie (2019). The organization runs a global youth filmmaker program to train the next generation of change agents. The Rep Project is also known for its impactful media research and social activism campaigns, including #NotBuyingIt, #AskHerMore, and #RepresentHer.

The Rep Project Timeline


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“I love being reminded that I’m not alone. The Youth Media Lab is a reminder that there are other youth across the globe with similar concerns and who are just as passionate about social justice.”



“The Youth Media Academy (YMA) had affected my life in many ways. I now know how I feel about filmmaking and how much I can do in only 4 weeks. I’ve been inspired to do more creations from my room, due to the pandemic we are going through right now. This is the time to reflect and realize that we have so much to offer and learn. And programs like YMA helps you discover more about yourself while creating something amazing that reflects your vision.”



The Mask You Live In “was validating, being able to see toxic masculinity defined in such an accessible way. It felt relatable to everyone on the gender spectrum.”



Miss Representation “truly opened my eyes and made me the feminist I am today.”


The Youth Media Academy “has empowered me to stand up for a more equitable world.”