A black-and-white image shows a student in a school uniform walking beside an adult woman in a suit. They are in a school hallway lined with lockers. Text overlay reads "MISS REPRESENTATION: THE GREAT AMERICAN LIE.


The Great American Lie examines the roots of systemic inequalities through a unique gender lens. With America facing widening economic inequality and stagnant social mobility, this film takes audiences on an empathy journey, inspiring a path forward.


Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and First Partner of California Jennifer Siebel Newsom has completed her newest documentary, The Great American Lie. The filmwhich premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2019, aims to expose social and economic immobility, viewed through the lens of our gendered values.

“We need renewed economic and social mobility in this country,” said Siebel Newsom. “I hope my film will spark a national conversation around how the elevation of stereotypically ‘masculine’ values has led to extreme social and economic immobility and how, if we elevate more ‘feminine’ values such as empathy, care, and community, we can fix some of these systemic inequities.”

We are currently living in one of the greatest periods of social and economic inequality in our nation’s history. Today, the top 0.1% of Americans own as much wealth as the bottom 90%. In 2017 alone, 82% of new wealth created went to the top 1%.

Meanwhile, one in five American children and one in eight American women live in poverty – despite us being one of the wealthiest countries on earth. Increasing inequality has created deep social, economic, and political divides. Clearly the status quo is not working.

The Great American Lie exposes how this inequality is rooted in our beliefs with the cultural pendulum swinging too far towards revering things we consider “masculine,” like individualism, power, and money, at the expense of things we consider “feminine,” like empathy, care, and collaboration.


Interested in bringing The Great American Lie to your local community or conference? As a community organization or government agency, you can screen the film and guide meaningful discussions around how our gendered values have affected economic inequality in the United States and in your local community. Total running time is 90 minutes.


With the release of The Great American Lie, we launched the #CareForEquality campaign urging audiences to have important conversations about what it means to care for equality—by elevating values of care, empathy, and collaboration. The pandemic illuminated that carework is an essential part of our society–and without accessible childcare, eldercare, and education, the economy can’t flourish. However, The Great American Lie reveals that it has been historically undervalued, unpaid, and dismissed as “women’s work.” We are ready to build a society that sees the importance of the feminized sector of carework. We hope you’ll join us and explore what it means to #CareForEquality.



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