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Gentrification is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. Filmmaker Samira B. explores how gentrification has changed her neighborhood.

Film Festival Acceptances: Red Nation International Film Festival, Bright Ideas Film Festival, Hellbender Student Film Festival, North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival 2021, Youth Advisory Council’s first Flip the Script film festival, Central Film Festival, 2021 Davis Feminist Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Cine Las Americas Film Festival, #AmLatino Film Festival, Second Annual Social and Economic Justice Film Festival, Prestige Film Festival, Mosaic International Film Festival, All American High School Film Festival, SonderBlu Film Festival, Los Angeles Student Film Festival, Dances with Films, The Cecil County Independent Film Festival


Questions for discussion following the viewing: 

1. Before watching this film, had you ever heard the word “Gentrification”? Did you know the meaning behind it? 

2. Have you ever thought that beyond the restoration in lower income communities that many families and elders were evicted from their homes and businesses? 

3. Do you know anyone who has been displaced from their business or home? How does that make you feel? 

4. Have you or someone you know ever experienced being on the verge of losing everything due to Gentrification? 

5. In your opinion, is this the type of change that you would want in your community? 

Feel inspired? Please consider selecting at least one of the following to bring about positive change in our society. 

Calls to Action for Gentrification 

1. Instead of going to big corporations, go to small mom and pop businesses in your community.

2. Sign Petitions that seek to support rent control, seek to limit the number of big businesses that come into your community, and seek to support the roots of the community in which you live.

3. Go to Protests with others in your community who recognize that gentrification has long lasting effects on the community it impacts and the families who reside there.

4. Surround yourself with people who want to bring social change in the world.

5. Call the Tenant Rights Hotline (888) 495-8020. 

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