Caregiving & Aging

Next Gen Student Films


A Film by Claiborne M., The Representation Project, 2021

In Eureka, California, a mother takes care of her father, who is living with dementia. During her short visit, She brings food and reminders to take his medicine, as well as medical documents. Tough times and difficult conversations are approached with care and compassion throughout this short film.

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Shh! It’s a War Zone

A Film by Adrija J., The Representation Project, 2021

A young filmmaker interviews her grandmother about escaping a war-torn homeland with her three-month-old sister. Shh! It’s a War Zone journeys through a life in refuge via a grandmother’s memories and a granddaughter’s curious camera.

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Tetsmolini (Sprouting)

The Representation Project, 2021

Wana, who is very sick, realizes that she is not ready to leave her grandson Miliano, who did not learn to speak her language. On her deathbed, Aleja, the Curandera of the community, uses her sacred knowledge to ask the sacred winds for help. Wana will talk to the winds, guardians of the land to find the strength she needs to continue her legacy and provide a bridge between humans and the earth.

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