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A vintage photograph shows a woman dressed in traditional attire holding a baby in a decorated cradleboard. The caption reads, "It represents a tie to your mother, like an unbroken cord, and keeps the child protected their entire life.

A Lost Cord

A Film by Neveah K., The Representation Project, 2021

In Northern Cheyenne culture, there is a tradition of keeping the umbilical cord after it falls off. It represents the child’s connection to its mother and keeps them safe from harm. This short film follows a tale about the consequences of severing the bond created by the umbilical cord.

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A United Nations Experience

A United Nations Experience

A Film by Mali P., The Representation Project, 2020

A United Nations Experience is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. In 2014, a 16 year-old student attended the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with her school, Ahahuacalmecac.

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A person wearing sunglasses and a sleeveless top sits on the grass, looking towards the camera. They have short dark hair pulled back and hold an open book on their lap. It's a sunny outdoor setting, reminiscent of my-grandma-fighter's pose from the old family documentary.

My Grandma, A Fighter

A Film by Kalijah R., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short documentary film, filmmaker Kalijah shares his grandmother, Beverly Bullchild’s story. Beverly grew up in foster care after losing her mother at an early age and shares her experience of feeling exploited for labor by her foster parents.

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Ni Yankwik Xinachtli

A Film by Axayacatzi K., The Representation Project, 2020

Ni Yankwik Xinachtli is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. This film explores Indigenous generational knowledge on medicinal plants and alternative medicine and how the seed reflects the person and the prayer of the universe.

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A young child with shoulder-length dark hair and glasses is sitting on the grass in front of a playground. Wearing a red T-shirt with a bear design, they smile softly. Trees and playground equipment dot the background, evoking the scenes often captured in heartfelt documentaries about indigenous communities.

No Lost Sisters

A Film by Jenaya Y., The Representation Project, 2021

Every day Indigenous mothers, daughters, sisters, and children go missing at an alarming rate. This short film imagines the fear and anguish of having a loved one kidnapped.

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Two people are silhouetted against the light as they stand holding hands at the entrance of a rustic, thatched-roof hut. The surroundings outside appear bright, in contrast with the dim interior. The scene gives a sense of companionship and departure, like a sprouting journey documented in silence.

Tetsmolini (Sprouting)

The Representation Project, 2021

Wana, who is very sick, realizes that she is not ready to leave her grandson Miliano, who did not learn to speak her language. On her deathbed, Aleja, the Curandera of the community, uses her sacred knowledge to ask the sacred winds for help. Wana will talk to the winds, guardians of the land to find the strength she needs to continue her legacy and provide a bridge between humans and the earth.

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