Interested in developing your skillset and creating space for critical conversations about gender norms, inclusion, representation, equity, intersectionality, and creating change? The Representation Project offers workshops for corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, faith-based organizations, community groups, professional associations, and conferences. Workshop sessions can be facilitated virtually or in person and tailored to meet your workplace or community’s unique needs. For more information email us at

  • Understanding Intersectionality: Power, Privilege, Positionality, and Gender Equity
  • Unconscious Bias & Unconscious Sexism Training
  • Building An Inclusive Workplace: Challenging Gender Stereotypes & Tropes
  • Representation Matters: Gender Equity and Media Literacy
  • Empowering Voices: Feminist Storytelling for Change-Makers
  • #EndRape: Violence Prevention, Consent Culture & Supporting Survivors
  • Unmasking Masculinity: Cultivating Healthy Masculinity
  • Navigating the Digital Landscape: Social Media & Mental Health
  • Embrace You: Cultivating a Healthy Body Image Training
  • Breaking Barriers: History of Gender Justice Movements and Feminist Activism 101


The Gender Equality Training Program (GET) is a bold, new eight-module curriculum for high school and college students. GET encourages students to have unflinching conversations about the most pressing problems they face today. It reflects the needs of Generation Z, weaving together leadership development, mental health interventions, media literacy, social-emotional learning, and gender-based violence prevention. The curriculum is free and available to students, educators, and parents. Workshops can be facilitated as a series or individually. The GET program will be released in Summer 2024. Learn more here!

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Bring our films and curricula to your organization for small group workshops. Licensees may use the film and curriculum with groups smaller than 30 people at the location named in your order. These licenses do not include public performance rights for screenings to more than 30 people. These licenses are perpetual and do not expire. Book now for your nonprofit community organization, government agencies, after school & summer programs for students and clinical therapeutic practitioners.

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Please contact us for a quote on bringing our films and/or customized training workshops to your corporation. The workshop licenses above are reserved for community service organizations and are not available for corporate use.