Defined By The Line

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Defined By The Line


Defined by the Line is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. Defined by the Line explores how gender roles impact the lives of teenagers across the globe.

Film Festival Acceptances: Bright Ideas Film Festival,Reel Doc Fest film festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Interrobang Film Festival, Great Plains Film Festival, SonderBlu Film Festival, Creators Film Festival (Quarter-Finalist — High School Films), Scout Film Festival

Film Festival Nominations & Awards: 

  • Creators Film Festival – Quarter-Finalist, High School Films (Under 45 Minutes)


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

1. Why is it important to learn about gender issues on a global scale and not just in your community?

2. How are gender roles similar and different across the various cultures observed in the film?

3. How do gender expectations for men, and women intertwine and why is it important we look at both side by side? From an intersectionality perspective?

4. What are the expectations put upon you and people like you because of your gender? 

5. What other factors, aside from location, can influence the gender-based expectations placed upon teens?

6. What active steps can you take to create a shift around gender-based expectations?

Calls to Action for Defined by the Line:

* Be a friend to those around you. Inform and educate others on why it is vital that we appreciate each other’s culture and celebrate our differences. Make sure they feel free to be themselves around you. 

* Research and become informed of gender issues on a global level. Although we are all different, sexism is present in every community.  

* Find organizations that you can work with to fight for equality of all genders on a worldwide scale. It’s important to pay attention to the things going on, reflect on how you choose to live your own life, and take the steps necessary to make your home, your community, and the world a better place.

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