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Born Amish

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Born Amish is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. An Amish family in Maine lives life off the grid and on the land, making the most of daylight. Hearing from Amish community members’ voices in Maine gives us an inside look at their lifestyle and particular sect.

Film Festival Acceptances: Bright Ideas Film Festival (Best Documentary Nominee), Strand Youth Film Festival (Best Documentary), Dirigo 7th International Student Film Festival, SBVC International Student Film Fest, Miami Independent Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Prestige Film Festival, Mosaic International Film Festival, All American High School Film Festival, (Best Documentary Nominee) SonderBlu Film Festival, Creators Film Festival, Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival, The Cecil County Independent Film Festival

Film Festival Nominations & Awards: 

  • All American High School Film Festival – Best Documentary Nominee
  • Bright Ideas Film Festival – Best Documentary Nominee
  • Strand Youth Film Festival – Best Documentary


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

  1. What about the Amish community members remaining anonymous speaks to the unbiased nature of the film?
  1. How can we learn about one another’s lifestyle/culture/beliefs, doing so in a respectful manner and not in an invasive way?
  1. What gender roles are displayed within this Amish household, and how do they reflect some of our own gender roles in common English society? Does this make us closer to nature? 
  1. What can we learn from the Amish community in Whitefield, Maine? What are some key takeaways you have from the film (values, family, religion, etc?) 
  1. What are some traditions that exist within your culture? Have you explored the origins of any of the traditions that exist within your race, your culture, and/or your religion?

Calls to Action for Born Amish

* Approach others with an unbiased attitude, ready to learn and absorb information from every individual.

* Don’t judge a book by its cover. Get to know an individual before forming opinions not based on fact. 

* Make an effort to get to know those within your immediate community/life (neighbors, family, friends, school, work, etc). 

* Examine a tradition you have either observed or practiced. Share this knowledge with others to increase awareness and understanding.

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