Blue Screen

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Blue Screen

Blue Screen is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2021 Youth Media Academy. Filmed through the eyes of the youngest in the household, in this short film, Angelica interviews her family members on the negative and positive impacts of technology usage in today’s society in the midst of following them in their daily life.


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

  1. On average, how much screen time do you consume daily?
  2. Do you lose track of time while you’re engaging in screen-related activities?
  3. Have you ever experienced health problems as a result of your screen activities?
  4. Does your screen engagement demand your immediate attention?

Feeling Inspired? Please consider selecting at least one of the following to bring about positive change in our society.

Calls to Action for Blue Screen

* Consider minimizing your daily screen time to improve your mental wellbeing and overall health.

* Find hobbies that don’t include screens to offer time to know yourself and be one-on-one with yourself while having a hobby that can provide peace of mind.

* Go on a 24-hour social media detox to get your mind off the current trends, celebrity talk, or what your friends are up to. After 24-hours, one’s mind can be at peace. It is excellent to do a 24-hour detox once a week.

* Spend time with loved ones. Engage in conversations and activities to keep the relationship strong and a break from spending so much screen time.

* Start making a daily schedule of essential tasks you need to do to stay on track regarding crucial tasks.

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