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Bloody Sheets

Let's Talk About It // Formerly: Bloody Sheets

Bloody Sheets is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2020 Youth Media Academy. While hearing from three different women on menstruation, we follow a teenage girl dealing with her period without sacrificing her comedic nature. Bloody Sheets invites us to get comfortable talking about menstruation and explore how we can reduce the stigma surrounding periods.

Film Festival Acceptances: SonderBlu Film Festival


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

  1. Why do films, TV, and the media always seem to portray periods in a serious tone? How has this portrayal impacted the way periods are addressed in everyday life?
  1. What factors prevent us from opening up and talking about our periods? Why are we comfortable talking about them around some people, but not around others?
  1. How can we encourage ourselves and others to be more open in discussions about periods? In other words, how can we reduce the stigma of periods?
  1. How can we make sure the conversation about periods is open to all gender identities, especially the trans community?
  1. What intersectional issues go along with the discussion of periods? How does a health issue like menstruation tie into bigger issues like poverty?

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Calls to Action for Bloody Sheets 

* When discussing periods, make sure to use gender-neutral pronouns. Remember that some men get periods and that some women don’t.

*  Be open and honest with your family and friends about what you’re going through. Periods can be painful; don’t keep that pain to yourself. If you don’t want to talk to them directly, write them a note!

* Use your period as an opportunity to educate. Younger siblings, other family members, and friends who don’t get periods shouldn’t be kept in the dark about something that half the population goes through.

* Learn to accept your period as part of your body and your routine! Write down your thoughts about your period, both positive and negative, and reflect on each one. How did you come to feel this way? Do outside factors affect how you view your body?

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