Generation Z

Next Gen Student Films

A person stands in a brightly lit bedroom wearing a colorful tie-dye T-shirt, facing a full-length mirror attached to white closet doors. The room features plants, a bed with a white blanket, and a wall decorated with photos and small frames, reflecting the moments captured in their personal documentary.

Inner Workings

A Film by Cara D., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short film, Cara opens up about her experience with depression and body dysmorphia. She explores how mental health struggles manifest for others in Generation Z, especially in the wake of the COVID19 Pandemic.

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It’s Okay To Be Real

A Film by Madison M. ,The Representation Project, 2020

This film aims to help educate the audience about how girls feel when they look at themselves in the mirror versus online on social media.

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A child wearing an orange outfit stands against a plain background with a grid pattern, embodying the raw essence of documentary photography. The child has a serious expression, and text at the bottom of the image reads, "They didn't tell me I was already pretty.

Not a Choice

A Film by August L., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short film, the filmmaker speaks to 13 young people with Eating Disorders who share their experiences and fears. CW: This film discusses disordered eating and thoughts.

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A group of people walks across a cable-stayed bridge during sunset, with the sun visible and reflecting off the water in the background. The scene, reminiscent of a poignant documentary, features prominently the cables creating diagonal lines across the sky.

The Bridge

A Film by Shreya M. & Calvin C., The Representation Project, 2021

Tri-Cities, Washington has a long history of segregation. In this short documentary film, one woman explores her identity, her city’s messy past and discovers her place within the next generation of her community.

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