Not a Choice

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Not a Choice

Not a Choice is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2021 Youth Media Academy. In this short film, the filmmaker shares her experience of living with an Eating Disorder. Additionally, she connects with 13 other survivors to share their experiences and fears to convey the dangers of disordered eating among Gen-Zs. 

Content Warning: This film discusses Eating Disorders, disordered eating and thoughts, body image and appearance, weight, dysmorphia, and body shaming. 


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

  1. Do you know anyone with an undiagnosed Eating Disorder?
  2. Has anyone ever commented on how your body looks?
  3. What roles does education play in preventing mental health issues?
  4. How do you feel after hearing so many young people’s experiences with Eating Disorders? Could you relate to some things?
  5. Do you think Eating Disorders are taken seriously by society?

Feeling Inspired? Please consider selecting at least one of the following to bring about positive change in our society.

Calls to Action for Not a Choice

* Seek help ASAP if you think you might have an Eating Disorder.

* Educate yourself as much as possible about the causes, signs, dangers, and different types of Eating Disorders.

* Be critical and aware of the harmful food or weight-related contents the media shows you.

*  Provide emotional support for those around you that are experiencing an Eating Disorder.

* Initiate conversations with friends, families, coworkers, students, and educators about what Eating Disorders are and how it can impact a person’s health.

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