When the Moon Moves, The Flower Shadows

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When the Moon Moves, The Flower Shadows

When the Moon Moves, The Flower Shadows is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2021 Youth Media Academy. This short documentary film follows Emme W., a young video game developer determined to change the under- and mis-representation of Asian people. The filmmaker and game designer, Emme, draws upon her own experience and identity as a “Third Culture Kid” to create a game full of diverse Asian American characters and adolescent joy.


Feeling Inspired? Please consider selecting at least one of the following to bring about positive change in our society.

* Support local Asian-owned businesses and Asian-led game studios, rather than support orientalist media that capitalize on Asian cultures as “aesthetics.”

* Delve deeper into the roots of anti-Asian hate rather than chant hollow phrases (i.e., “Stop Asian Hate”). Learn about western exploitation of LDCs in Asia, military expansion, the Asian sex-tourism industry, and other topics that are consistently censored in favor of comfort.

* For Asian-Americans: recognize the disparities between different Asian ethnic groups. Learn where you hold power over others and work to bridge that gap regarding issues such as assimilationism, class inequality, and ethnic chauvinism of Asian majorities in circles of “Asian-Americans.” These issues are often silenced and ignored. Make space for Asians of all backgrounds to share their experiences.

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