Mirage in the Desert

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Mirage in the Desert

Mirage in the Desert is a short documentary film created in The Representation Project’s 2021 Youth Media Academy. The world is running out of water and time to fix the crises. This short documentary film examines the water crisis and its devastating effects and explores solutions for how we can solve it.


Questions for discussion following the viewing:

  1. What is your relationship with water?
  2. Can you relate more to the water challenges in the Malawian, Californian, or Virginian perspective?
  3. When you hear the phrase “the world is running out of water,” what image comes to your mind? What is your first thought?
  4. In what ways have you been desensitized to environmental problems such as the water crisis?
  5. What solution, big or small, do you think is the most effective in combating the water crisis at this point?

Feeling Inspired? Please consider selecting at least one of the following to bring about positive change in our society.

Calls to Action for Mirage in the Desert

* When you take your first drink of water each day, try to remember how the growing water crisis affects our farmers, our food, and our well-being. Even though you may not currently experience water difficulties, you are guaranteed to understand its influence on your everyday life in the future.

* Discover little ways to conserve water! For example, take shorter showers, use environmentally friendly appliances, and keep in mind that doing something as simple as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth will save hundreds of gallons of water per year.

* Ask questions and spread the word to friends, family, and even neighbors in your community who you may see using water around you: even brief discussions can help lead to significant changes and a larger-scale redesign of water usage systems.

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