Youth Media Academy

Living Vicariously

A Film by Sofia D., The Representation Project, 2021

Mixed kids are exposed to many questions about their identity, place in the world, and local environments from a young age. The film aims to answer these questions and amplify conversations about their experiences by intertwining the stories of several mixed youths in New York City.

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Pushed Out

A Film by Thomas W and Dennis M. , The Representation Project, 2020

Oakland has become more and more modernized and safe due to gentrification. It looks like these new changes are all great, but once you look closer, you see the damage gentrification has had on Oakland natives.

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The Bridge

A Film by Shreya M. & Calvin C., The Representation Project, 2021

Tri-Cities, Washington has a long history of segregation. In this short documentary film, one woman explores her identity, her city’s messy past and discovers her place within the next generation of her community.

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The Importance of Cultural Identity

A Film by Thomas W., The Representation Project, 2021

In this short documentary film, social worker Darlyn Tsosie shares her experience in native communities, including managing foster care cases for indigenous children in compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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