#NotBuyingIt Victory: GoDaddy Pledges to Change Advertising

GoDaddy.com, the company behind some of the most offensive and demeaning advertisements on television, announced last week that they are moving in a new direction with their advertising. After hiring ad agency Deutsch NY, there are hopeful signs that new GoDaddy spots will feature less female objectification and more focus on the actual product being sold (website domains).

You may recall that GoDaddy was a primary target of our #NotBuyingIt Super Bowl campaign.

While we aren’t ready to purchase their services just yet, we do want to recognize this positive step. One way we can encourage GoDaddy to move even further away from the sexism of their past is by contacting their new ad agency directly. Tweet @DeutschInc and let them know what you want to see in their new ads!

Sample tweet:

“Congrats @DeutschInc on landing #GoDaddy, we hope your new ads display women in a more positive and empowering light!”

Let us know what you think of GoDaddy’s move in the comments!