Enough is Enough: Switch Your Domain From GoDaddy

Just see an offensive GoDaddy advertisement and want to know what you can do? Are you or someone you know using GoDaddy to host your website? Today’s the day to use your consumer power and switch service providers. Activate others as well. If you see a site hosted by GoDaddy write them a quick note encouraging a switch. There are plenty of equally viable options available. In fact, we switched this week and it was quick and easy!

Here’s an article outlining the steps to take to leave GoDaddy.

We’ve also provided a few independent sites to help you decide where to host your site moving forward:

If you know an individual or business that is using GoDaddy, here’s a sample message you can send to encourage them to switch:

“Dear XX: It has come to my attention that you are doing business with GoDaddy, a company that continuously degrades women to sell their product. Their television and Internet advertisements demoralize and sexualize women. Please stop doing business with such an offensive company. Show your support for women and girls by switching to another web hosting company. There are plenty of equally viable options. Thank you!”

We know you’re tired of GoDaddy’s sexist advertising. This is a small way of helping make a difference in the future. So maybe one day soon we won’t have to sit through one of their offensive commercials during the Super Bowl.

FYI: We currently use Namecheap.com to host MissRepresentation.org