Introducing “The Great American Lie”

Today, we are thrilled to announce my third film, The Great American Lie. As you know, my first film, Miss Representation looks at the ways limiting gender norms negatively affect girls and women. And, my second directorial debut, The Mask You Live In, exposes how those same norms also harm boys and men.

The Great American Lie completes this trilogy by examining the effect of these limiting gender norms on society at large. For the first time, we are sharing assets from the film as well as a never-before-seen teaser of the film.

As we are in the final stages of production on The Great American Lie, we have a small budget gap to fill. Please contribute to our Kickstarter campaign today! Support the film and our vision of a world free from limiting gender norms and social injustices. Visit to see the newly released teaser and make your contribution.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team