Boy Meets Alien: A Man Like You

Too much of our culture tells boys and men that they should disconnect their hearts from their heads. To challenge these pervasive limiting stereotypes, we’ve partnered with Harry’s on “A Man Like You.” This short film tells the story of a boy who teaches an alien how to “Be a Man” throughout the course of the day. As a result of the alien’s many questions, the boy learns that traditional ideas of masculinity are too narrow for today’s world. After all, a real man is simply a good human.

This week, we’re asking you to watch “A Man Like You” and have a conversation about it with a boy in your life. With Harry’s, we’re opening up the definition of masculinity and collaborating to bring more guys into the conversation, because we are done with stereotypes and labels. Men can be both powerful and sensitive, both bold and nurturing, both self-assured and vulnerable. Together, we must challenge limiting gender stereotypes so that each person can live to their full human potential.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team