Getting Better Carl’s Jr – But We’re Still #NotBuyingIt!

We are excited to share that after years of #NotBuyingIt activism, Carl’s Jr. (that’s right, you heard me – that Carl’s Jr.) is starting to see the light!

Recently, they launched a new ad campaign that makes fun of their old sexist ways. The spot introduces a fictional “Mr. Hardee” taking back control of the company and reprimanding his son for focusing on “boobs, not burgers.” Mr. Hardee does seem to make all the right moves. He has the old graphic and sexist ads removed from the walls. He tells a young lady to kindly hop off the mechanical bull in the office. And he seems to delight the female employees with his actions.

But I’m afraid we’re not quite buying it – yet. You see, Mr. Hardee’s overall message is that Carl’s Jr.’s misogyny was harmless, silly fun. The only damage it did, according to him, was to distract us from how good their burgers are. But that is where we profoundly disagree – sexist advertising isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for all of us. It reinforces the limiting gender norms that result in a host of societal issues from violence against women to women’s underrepresentation in positions of power and influence.

That’s why this week, we’re asking you to join us by reading our letter to Mr. Hardee and spreading the message that we’re still #NotBuyingIt by giving “Mr. Hardee” some ideas about what he can do to show us the brand is really ready for its new look. Because we’re gonna need to see Mr. Hardee make some more changes before we’ll buy his products again. Together, let’s get this new Hardee family into the “decent human” club and put an end to sexist advertising once and for all.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

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“Hey Pepsi, is #KendallJenner supposed to be Ieshia Evans in this whitewashed version of #BlackLivesMatter? #NotBuyingIt”
Image via The Representation Project’s Instagram