What Do YOU believe? A Thank You

Each week, we send out a weekly action to give you, our community, a specific thing you can do to move the needle on gender equality. But this week, we’re in your inbox a second time not to ask you to do something, but instead to say thank you.

Thanks to hundreds of people, including you, the Kickstarter for my third film, The Great American Lie is fully funded. We couldn’t be prouder, more grateful, or more in awe of our amazing community and your support! To celebrate, we’re introducing you to another character from The Great American Lie, Sharon:

The Great American Lie completes the trilogy I began with Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In. It tells the story of the effects of limiting gender norms on our values and society at large, exposing the truth behind the inequality that is threatening our democracy.

So we’ll say it again. Thank you so much for supporting our film and vision of a culture where all people can realize their human potential.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team