We Can Do Better Than the ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ Costume

As Halloween quickly approaches, we’re looking forward to seeing all of your creative costumes. After all, October 31st is a day to imagine yourself as anyone or anything and even celebrate some of your heroes.[1] And yet too often, the holiday is used as an excuse to perpetuate limiting and harmful stereotypes – just take this Call Me Cait costume. We want to see less sexy cats and muscle-bound men and more Angela Davis and Terry Bradshaws.


That’s why this week, we encourage you to keep challenging prejudiced consumer products and think outside the box for your Halloween costume! Together, we can challenge and overcome limiting stereotypes so that everyone can fulfill their human potential.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project team

Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Keynote at The 3% Conference
We were thrilled to support The 3% Conference on Tuesday with Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s keynote address, “Forgotten Boys: How Men + Boys Benefit from Gender Equality, Too.” Since the first 3% Conference, we’ve been proud to collaborate with the movement to get more women involved in advertising’s creative process. Learn more!


Join Us for Wednesday’s Republican Debate to #AskHerMore

We’re expanding #AskHerMore from the red carpet to Washington, DC! Learn more and join us tonight at 8 pm E.T. / 5 pm P.T. for the Republican debate on CNBC!


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“After applauding Jennifer Lawrence’s essay about wage disparity between men and women in unnamed (1)Hollywood. . .Bradley Cooper says he wants to begin teaming up with his female costars to negotiate salaries before any film he’s interested in doing goes into production.” – Business Insider

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