October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Center for Domestic Peace is a Northern California-based nonprofit that mobilizes communities to prevent and eliminate domestic violence. The Center screened The Mask You Live In this past June to almost 500 people. Between ticket sales and sponsorships, their event raised over $6,000!

Marla Hedlund, the screening organizer, said, “We were proud to be able to show The Mask You Live In to a sold out crowd in our community. It’s not often that the media produces something so poignant to the foundation of our work, where we identify the social transformation that has to happen in order to end violence against women.”

Here’s what the audience at The Center for Domestic Peace had to say about the screening:

“You need to show this in all the schools”

“I wish I had brought my two sons to see this”

“Thank you so much for hosting this screening. It is really making me think!”

It’s not too late to bring The Mask You Live In to your community this Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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