Take A Step Back And Breathe

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month so I want to ask each of you to reach out to the most important person in your life – YOU. We don’t say it enough, but self-care is a critical foundation to positively impacting those around you, from individuals in your communities to the systems you live in at large. And there has never been a more important time for all of us to take a step back, breath, and give ourselves some much-deserved love.

So this week, we invite you to try a five-minute beginner’s meditation exercise from our friends at the Sonima Foundation to help calm the mind and begin a practice of self-love and self-care. Let’s take care of ourselves so that when the next challenge inevitably arises, we are able to deal with it in a calm and peaceful manner. At The Representation Project, we are creating a world where everyone can realize their full, human potential. And we firmly believe that the best place to start is within!


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

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Quick reminder to the #DWTS judges about what *does* win you gold #SimoneBiles #Olympics #AskHerMore
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