A Summer Reading List to Defy Stereotypes

At The Representation Project, we believe film, media, and books can all act as catalysts for cultural transformation and inspire individuals and communities to challenge and overcome society’s limiting narratives. With beach days coming up, we invite you to check out our summer reading list for you and your family.

    For Children and Young Adults
      For Grown Ups, Friends, and Family


By reading books that are inclusive and representative, we are better equipped to create a world where everyone’s stories can be told – regardless of gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or circumstance – inspiring less othering, more empathy, and a better world for all.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

Wisconsin Teacher Reinstated After Being Suspended for Screening Miss Representation

On Friday, a Wisconsin high school teacher was disciplined for showing and discussing Miss Representation! By Monday students were protesting her forced leave with the story quickly gaining enough traction on the ground, on social media, and in the traditional press to effectively pressure the superintendent to reinstate the teacher for Tuesday’s class! Share our win with your family and friends how the teacher got reinstated.

Representation Around the Web

“Trans people aren’t a threat to anyone else in bathrooms. In fact, we’re more likely to be harassed, screamed at, and assaulted when we try to use public restrooms. That’s part of the reason many trans people report limiting or totally avoiding eating or drinking when in public, just to avoid needing to use the public restroom. I should know — I’ve done this at school myself. But of course, bathrooms aren’t the real issue. The goal of this bullying, harassment, and discriminatory laws is to keep trans people from living as their most authentic selves. To eliminate us from public life. We can’t let them win.” – Gavin Grimm, via Lenny

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“Two policemen on overnight duty near the Manchester Arena read a card left on the cordon to honor the victims of Monday’s attack …” – @vascocnn, via @CNN
Image via The Representation Project’s Instagram