Spotlight: Feminism

A growing chorus of celebrities are speaking to advance gender justice. From Jameela Jamil to Ryan Gosling, these A-listers are using their considerable platform to shine a light on issues like sexism, pay inequality, and representation. Who is your favorite feminist celebrity? Who is missing from our list?

  1. Viola Davis gets real about the intersectional sexism in Hollywood.
  2. Jameela Jamil takes on the toxic diet teas dominating influencer culture. 
  3. Bradley Cooper takes a stance against the gender wage gap.
  4. Shonda Rhimes on identity and the beauty of being a feminist
  5. Justin Baldoni talks healthy masculinity and celebrating women’s work.
  6. Sandra Bullock speaks on sexism on the red carpet.
  7. Mira Sorvino and Jessica Barth help give a voice to sexual violence victims
  8. Geena Davis fights for better representations of women in media.
  9. Gina Rodriguez empowers young women in the arts.
  10. Ryan Gosling opens up about his unapologetic feminism and raising two daughters.

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