Party City’s Career Costumes for Girls Are Princess, Waitress, and Sexy Cop

Recently, mom Lin Kramer sparked a national conversation about Party City’s Halloween costume options for girls. In an open letter to the company, she highlighted that “under 7% of the costumes [they] market to girls are based on occupations” and even those options – princess, waitress, and police officer – are highly sexualized:[1]




In the past few months, we have made great progress in reducing gendered marketing to kids, whether in Target’s toy aisle [2] or with Disney’s Halloween costumes [3]. Yet we still have work to do. Join us this week and tell Party City that their costumes send the wrong message and you’re #NotBuyingIt by sharing the above image and encouraging your network to take action. Together, we can challenge and overcome limiting stereotypes so that everyone can fulfill their human potential.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project team


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