Our Favorite Empowering, Feminist TED Talks

If the media’s veritable erasure of competent and qualified women running for president in favor of yet another group of white men at the top of the pack has you down, look no further than these fabulous feminists who’ve taken their wisdom to the TED platform. These short video pick-me-ups are just the thing to remind ourselves that women’s ideas and voices are important and should not be counted out no matter what the media might want us to believe. Check out our favorite feminist TED talks for some inspiration. These are definitely ideas worth spreading!

Confessions of a Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  

You Might Be a Feminist If… by Natasha Behl

Reinventing Feminism by Courtney E. Martin

A Teen Just Trying to Figure It Out by Tavi Gevinson

Teach Girls Bravery Not Perfection by Reshma Saujani

The Media Is The Message and The Messenger by The Representation Project’s Founder Jennifer Siebel Newsom

The Sexy Lie by The Representation Project’s Executive Director Dr. Caroline Heldman

How Online Abuse of Women Has Spiraled Out of Control* by Ashley Judd

*TW: Includes explicit language and references to sexual violence. Please take care if you choose to watch.

The Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky

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