#NotBuyingIt: Nike’s “Gold Digging” Women’s Olympic T-Shirt

by Imran Siddiquee

On WorldSoccerShop.com the copy accompanying the above Nike t-shirt reads: “We aren’t saying they’re gold diggers – we’re just saying they’re out for the gold! What’s wrong with that?”

Styleite had a pretty good response:

What’s wrong? Well, lots of things, actually. For instance, does this shirt come in men’s sizes? Nope. Because gold digging is just for the ladies, of course! Come on, Nike.

On Twitter folks are already talking back to Nike:

This is especially disappointing in light of Nike’s recent “Voices” campaign, which featured one of the more positive and empowering commercials for women in years:

It’s surprising that after such an amazing attempt at bringing women up, the same company would bring them down in this way. And after an Olympics where U.S. women actually won two-thirds of the country’s gold medals, it’s especially troubling to know women (again, not available in men’s) might be wearing these shirts instead of something that positively celebrates the real accomplishments of those amazing female athletes.

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