It’s Not “Just Words” When 1 in 5 Women Are Sexually Assaulted

Last Friday, audio of Donald Trump bragging about committing sexual assault surfaced. Trump responded by dismissing the comments as “locker room banter,” and during yesterday’s debate he called them “just words.” Many other leaders reinforced and normalized this behavior including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who said, “men at times talk like that.” At a time when one out of five women experience sexual assault, it is important to remember that violence against women is a serious issue.

That’s why this week we encourage you to raise your voice and tweet at Donald Trump that those weren’t “just words.” Together, we must challenge this culture that perpetuates violence against women in all forms in our media, politics, and daily lives.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

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“I am fairly certain that hearing the vulgar words Trump spoke over a decade ago will compel many more women to vote against him next month. Electing the first female president will not end sexism, though, any more than electing Barack Obama ended racism. To make progress, men need to do more than vote against Trump. We must stand up to him and call out others who say things similar to what we heard him say on the video. We have to stop excusing the disgusting degradation of girls and women as ‘locker room banter.’ Feminists and courageous others have done much to contest exchanges like the one between Trump and Bush. But it takes men like me to hold our friends accountable for things they say and do to objectify women. We must challenge their values, language and actions.” – Shaun R. Harper, via Washington Post

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom at Dreamforce with Girls Lounge talking about women and leadership!

Jennifer Siebel Newsom at Dreamforce with Girls Lounge talking about women and leadership!
Image via Miss Representation’s Instagram