A Must-Watch: Jesse Williams’ BET Speech

At the BET Awards, actor and activist Jesse Williams delivered a powerful speech about racism in America. Among many points, he highlighted how the entertainment industry’s commodification of black culture devalues black artists and black lives.

In a world where dreadlocks, cornrows, and dashikis are dubbed “new trends”, Williams reminds us that erasure and reappropriation of black culture perpetuates racism in America. That’s why this week, we encourage you to check out Jesse Williams’ speech with your friends and family and use it to start a meaningful discussion about race and representation. Together, let’s challenge social injustices in our media and larger society.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

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“Our boys are born with empathy just as our girls are, and yet we socialize that sensitivity, emotion, and empathy out of them. Media has an incredible opportunity to right that wrong and inspire future generations to expand what it is to ‘Be a Man'” – Watch Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s interview at Cannes Lions

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