Look Who Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Although women are half the workforce in the US, they still only make 79 percent of men’s wages. And it’s worse for women of color with Latina women earning only 56 cents to the average man’s dollar. To close the wage gap, the White House introduced the Equal Pay Pledge, challenging businesses to fix pay disparities within their own companies. And guess what? Organizations including Salesforce, American Airlines, and PepsiCo have already signed on.

That’s why this week, we’re asking you to contact your HR representative and ask your workplace to take the pledge like we did, here at The Representation Project. Together, we can identify and eliminate gender inequity on the paystub, in the workplace, and in society at large.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

Representation Around the Web

“Ryan Murphy has directed a tribute video for HRC [Human Rights Campaign] that preserves each victim’s memory and tells their stories. In the video, forty-nine celebs wear black and sit against a black backdrop, each one reciting a brief biography of one of the victims. Lady Gaga, Caitlyn Jenner, Matt Bomer, and Laverne Cox are just a few of the many names who came together to tell these stories. They also use the platform to call for an end to hate crimes and gun violence.” – Out Magazine

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom on healthy masculinity at the Cannes Lions.
Image via The Mask You Live In Instagram