May 2024 in Feminist News

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“In Feminist News” is our blog series featuring a round-up of feminist news, pop culture, and content you might have missed throughout the past month. In May 2024, Harrison Butker went viral for a sexist and homophobic commencement speech, Dr. Leona Tate spoke on school segregation, Dwyane and Zaya Wade launched Translatable, and more.

  1. Halle Berry is pushing for legislation to fund menopause research and education. (Fortune)
  2. There is a growing epidemic of elderly abuse. (Time Magazine)
  3. Strangers help Sesame Street puppeteer after heirloom necklace was stolen. (Washington Post)
  4. Boys Scouts of America is rebranding to Scouting America. (Associated Press)
  5. Drake and Kendrick Lamar don’t care about misogyny. (Vox)
  6. A Girl Scouts troop offers hope and “sisters for life” for migrant children. (NPR)
  7. For Jessica Biel, understanding her period has been a 30-year journey. (Time Magazine)
  8. Latine women are succeeding, but feel pressured to adhere to traditional gender roles. (NPR)
  9. Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison Butker gave a sexist and homophobic commencement speech. (AP News)
  10. Google is lowering deepfake porn in search rankings. (Mashable)
  11. Getting an abortion is hard for people from states with bans. It’s even harder if they’re undocumented. (19th News)
  12. Schools today are “just as segregated,” says New Orleans civil rights icon Dr. Leona Tate. (Axios)
  13. With the Paris Olympics approaching, Simone Biles is holding nothing back. (Washington Post)
  14. A former pharmacist is trying to become the first Black woman to own a brewery in Minnesota. (WSAZ)
  15. Consumer brands are leaving trillions of dollars behind by ignoring women over 40. (Ad Week)
  16. Akela Cooper is leading the way for Black women in the horror genre. (Deadline)
  17. Angel Reese is the newest owner of DC Power Football Club. (New York Times)
  18. Aya Contigo helps Latinas find abortion care. (Ms. Magazine)
  19. Dwyane and Zaya Wade are launching a resource hub for LGBTQ+ youth and allies. (Them)
  20. AI is reproducing narrow definitions of beauty. (Washington Post)
  21. FIFA is updating maternity, adoption, and family leave protocols to better support players and coaches. (Associated Press)
  22. Inside the fight to make prison phone calls free. (19th News)

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