Hurricane Harvey: Relief Efforts for Women and Marginalized Communities

As thousands are displaced from their home by Hurricane Harvey, it’s critical we remember that natural disasters disproportionately affect marginalized communities – including women. According to researchers at the London School of Economics and the University of Essex, “natural disasters exacerbate previously existing patterns of discrimination that render females more vulnerable to the fatal impact of disasters.” For example, women are less likely to evacuate because of caregiving responsibilities. And they are more likely to be victims of sexual assault and die at higher rates during a natural disaster.

That’s why, below we’ve highlighted resources that directly support women, people of color, and communities, which are particularly at risk in Houston. Please feel free to share and comment to add your own.

  • The Black Women’s Defense League is a Dallas-based organization that is working with Houston activists to determine what underserved communities need. See their list of supplied that can be donated or give funds directly.
  • RAICES, a Texas-based nonprofit legal advocacy group, has been working with Texas shelters to find housing for woman and children stranded by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being released from detention centers. To send clothing, toys and toiletries to these woman and children, mail boxes to the Collins Garden Library in San Antonio.
  • The Homeless Period Project of Austin distributes tampons, pads, and other period-related items to those displaced by the storm.
  • Texas Diaper Bank provides emergency diaper kits (which are not distributed by relief agencies) for babies, seniors, and people with disabilities.

(h/t Colorlines)