Happy Birthday President Trump: Here Are The Lessons I Hope I’ve Taught My Kids By The Time I’m 71

Today is President Donald Trump’s 71st birthday. To celebrate, here are seven things I hope I teach my kids by the time I’m his age:

  1. Treat everyone with respect and compassion, especially those less powerful than you.
  2. Stay true to yourself and know that your interests, ambition, and capacity for empathy aren’t limited by your gender.
  3. Always tell the truth even it doesn’t serve your self-interest.
  4. Know that women are not objects for the grabbing and men who cry and change diapers are stronger and braver than men who start fights.
  5. Institute healthy relationships in all aspects of your life. Understand that these relationships require honesty, respect, and equality over blind loyalty.
  6. Seek out dialogue with and believe people whose experiences are different than your own.
  7. Remember that a rising tide lifts all boats. So celebrate and support the success of those around you.

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