Feminist Halloween

In the first Sex and the City movie, there’s a memorable scene where Carrie and Miranda are shopping for adult Halloween costumes, and Miranda observes that “Witch and sexy kitten. That’s it. The only two choices for women are witch and sexy kitten!” Carrie snaps back with “Oh, you just said a mouthful there, sister!” noting the broader parallel to how narrowly society views women, not just on Halloween but the other 364 days as well. Sadly, adult Halloween is not showing many signs of progress, with this year’s entries in the sexy Halloween costume hall of shame coming from none other than Sexy Mr. Rogers (wrong on so many levels), a sexy Popeye’s chicken sandwich (really?), X-rated Toy Story characters (nope, #NotBuyingIt). But there’s no need to fret! With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively) with a list of amazing women to dress as—with no spandex required!

1. The Notorious RBG

2. The Statue of Liberty

3. Serena Williams

4. US Women’s Soccer Team*

5. NASA Space Walk*

6. Greta Thunberg

7. Your Favorite Feminist Politician

pictured: Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Elizabeth Warren

8. Katniss Everdeen

9. A League of Their Own player/team*

10. Your Favorite Feminist Musician

pictured: Lizzo and Janelle Monae

*Makes a great group costume for your squad!

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