Facebook Weekly Roundup: September 8th-14th

Here are some of the most popular posts from our Facebook coverage this week:

“When you talk about yourself, or talk to yourself … try to picture you talking to your own daughter or your younger sister. Because you would tell your younger sister or your daughter that she was beautiful, and you wouldn’t be lying – because she is. And so are you.”

Amy Poehler’s insightful body image advice to Smart Girls At The Party, from the video below.

-Stephanie Rose was confirmed as a U.S. district court judge on Monday and became the 72nd woman on the federal bench appointed by the Obama – the most women ever appointed by a president in one term.

-The Bic for Her pen commercial uses degrading gender stereotypes to sell their product. We’re #notbuyingit – and neither are Amazon.uk customers!

-Followers responded to Laura Bates’ story on institutional sexism in The Independent, where she writes that “I was told once to ‘lose weight’ by my dad because no man wants to be seen with a ‘chubby’ wife … I was 14.”

-Raderprograms.com questions how the fashion industry and media are impacting the self-perceptions of US women in an infographic, full version available here: