A Makeup Free Day To Discuss Inner Beauty

This Friday, September 21st, MissRepresentation.org is hosting a Twitter party with #FreshFace to discuss how the media’s addiction to makeup impacts women and girls in America. All over the country people are committing to be makeup-free for an entire day, in order to lead conversations with their friends and family around how to better value inner beauty.

The campaign was inspired by 15 year-old Shea Backes, who submitted this idea to our Weekly Action Alert contest last month:

“my friends [and I] are trying to spread the idea of wearing no makeup at least one day a week to school. I came up with this idea when I realized that most girls I know do not feel comfortable or beautiful without makeup on. I don’t hate makeup I just hate when it becomes a routine and something to cover yourself so you look more like the media’s projection of what beautiful is. I think makeup should be for fun and to make you feel beautiful but it should not feel like a hassle and you should not be self-conscious without it. I think girls my age should not feel like they have to wear makeup and feel controlled by it.”

You can join in by following #FreshFace from 12-2 PM PT this Friday. We’ll be leading a compelling discussion and encouraging supporters to share observations and learnings from their experience.

Tweet your commitment to join us, and follow us on Twitter @representpledge!