Delivering Impact: “Miss Representation” at UPS

Since 2011, we have supported 120 corporate screenings for a diverse array of companies. Recently, UPS took a more creative approach to their screening. One of the film themes that struck the organizers was mentorship—and with National Mentoring Month coming up in January—we wanted to highlight UPS’ approach in the hopes that it will inspire more screenings with lasting impact.

UPS Image
Images courtesy of UPS


UPS made two innovative choices upfront: they partnered with Girls, Inc. and planned their event for a Saturday—to allow employees to bring their partners and teenage children. In addition, they hosted a “preview” event, with UPS’ first Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer kicking-off the event, followed by a showing of the Miss Representation trailer and a panel discussion. This event was key in creating awareness of the film and reaching a wider audience.

After the Saturday film screening, organizers structured ‘conversation tables’, where attendees discussed specific themes in the film with each other in an informal way. This led to a substantive but comfortable conversation that engaged all equally. According to organizers, it elevated and created permission around the gender equity conversation of the firm.

Since the screening, the conversation has been buzzing and attendance is up at Women’s Leadership Development events. With a new generation coming into senior management, there is optimism and energy around the steps UPS is taking to cultivate opportunity for women in the 107-year-old firm.