Daily Mail Asked UK Minister If She Weighed As Much As Kate Middleton

This past weekend, The Daily Mail interviewed UK Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall. Instead of delving into the Member of Parliament’s policies, the interviewer Simon Walters asked about Kendall’s clothes, “childless spinster” status, and whether she weighed as much as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

These types of sexist questions trivialize the work of women in politics, Hollywood, business, and beyond. That’s why we created the campaign, #AskHerMore, to encourage and celebrate the reporters who focus on achievements over appearance.


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This week, we encourage you to tell The Daily Mail you’re #NotBuyingIt and encourage them to #AskHerMore. If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to send a personal note to news@mailonsunday.co.uk. Together, we can challenge and overcome limiting stereotypes so that everyone can fulfill their human potential.


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