But have you seen her…6 Wimbledon titles?

This past weekend, we celebrated tennis player, Serena Williams, winning her sixth Wimbledon title after 28 consecutive victories in a Grand Slam match. Despite being one of the greatest American athletes of all time, Williams is constantly scrutinized for her appearance.

These sexist and often racist messages are pervasive not only in news, but also in our classrooms, social media, and the larger society. And they have real consequences. According to Common Sense Media, boys and girls as young as six report wanting to be thinner, because of unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated in media.


That’s why it’s critical for parents, caregivers, and mentors to support healthy body image and self-esteem! Check out our toolkits to spark a conversation around the dinner table this week. Together we can challenge limiting stereotypes and support everyone in being their true selves.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project team

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