April 2024 in Feminist News

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“In Feminist News” is our blog series featuring a round-up of feminist news, pop culture, and content you might have missed throughout the past month. In April 2024, we witnessed continued attacks against abortion access, learned the history behind “Blackbird,” watched Angel Reese embark on the next stage of her career, and more. 

  • On April 1st, the Florida Supreme Court voted to uphold the state’s 15-week abortion ban. (AP News)
  • Why haven’t NCAA fans always followed the WNBA? (NPR)
  • The Beatles and Beyoncé’s “Blackbird” has special importance to Melba Pattillo Beals, a member of Little Rock Nine. (NPR)
  • For families that need the most help, childcare costs are about to drop. (19th News)
  • An abundance of new methods for men could transform women’s contraception too. (The Atlantic)
  • LSU star Angel Reese is taking her talents to the WNBA. (Vogue)
  • Girls State is a sharp study of how a well-meaning civics program can simultaneously inspire and limit young women. (The Atlantic)
  • New York to pay $17.5M settlement for forced removal of hijab in mugshots of two Muslim women. (New York Times)
  • The impact of the war in Gaza on Palestinian women. (UN Women)
  • Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state must adhere to century-old law banning nearly all abortions. (CNN)
  • Championship-winning college basketball coach Dawn Staley defends LGBTQ+ athletes. (19th News)
  • Betty Ford’s legacy will be honored with a Forever Stamp (Ms. Magazine)
  • The Bridget Jones movies have long been accused of fat shaming. 20 years later, has anything changed? (CBC News)
  • The Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival highlights a short film titled “Delivering While Black” that demonstrates the struggles of black mothers. (Fox17)
  • The Supreme Court voted to uphold an Idaho bill banning gender-affirming healthcare for LGBTQ+ youth. (Washington Post)
  • Spurred by teenage girls, states are moving to ban deepfake nudes. (New York Times)
  • A new exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art features an ancient female ballplayer sculpture. (New York Times)
  • Young women are more liberal than young men, and it’s affecting dating culture. (Teen Vogue)
  • New York appeals court overturned Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes conviction and ordered a new trial. (CNN)
  • Period stigma sidelines young athletes. (Forbes)

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