100+ Days Have Passed, Where Are ‘Our Girls’?

Last Tuesday marked 100 days since Boko Haram abducted nearly 300 women and girls. Today, 219 of them remain missing in inhumane conditions, their lives threatened daily. 11 parents of the girls have died since their kidnapping. And over the weekend, the wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister was kidnapped by Boko Haram in an attack that left at least three people dead.

It is vital to remember the plight of these missing women and girls. We should also remember that the girls were kidnapped in Nigeria as a direct result of their desire to obtain an education.  This is an insulting example of the continuous attempt to subordinate women.

In the same vein, we live in a world where women and girls are systematically underrepresented on the global stage, and only twenty-four percent of media content is reporting on women. With those statistics, we are telling fifty-one percent of the world’s population that their stories aren’t as valuable. It illustrates to the world  — including groups like Boko Haram — that it is acceptable for women to continue to be devalued, subjugated, and violated on a daily basis.

There are many other pressing and dire crises in the world right now. But we cannot forget about these girls. The fact remains that they continue to be held captive. We must keep up the pressure on the media to cover this story for their swift and safe return.

Do your part to ensure the media continues to report on this story. Tweet, and stay engaged. Because we can’t wait another day for their safe and sound return.