Why It’s Wrong For Pundits To Tell President Obama ‘Real Men Don’t Cry’

Last week, President Obama introduced executive action to curb gun violence, a historic moment for our nation, which continues to be ravaged by mass shootings. The President’s tears punctuated his remarks as he spoke about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Yet, despite the gravity of the issue, certain media outlets chose to mock President Obama for showing emotion. The message that these pundits are sending is clear: “real men don’t cry” – even in the face of tragedy. This damaging narrative perpetuates a harmful stereotype about what it means to “Be a Man” in America and contributes to a culture of disconnectedness and violence.

In our media, classrooms, and boardrooms, boys and young men are taught that instead of having healthy, meaningful feelings and relationships, they should instead repress their true selves and play into the hyper-masculine stereotypes of dominance, stoicism, and aggression, regardless of the cost to themselves and society. With more than 90 percent of mass shootings and 78 percent of suicides committed by males, violence is not just a policy problem – it’s a cultural problem that we can no longer ignore.

That’s why this week, we encourage you to watch The Mask You Live In trailer with the boys and young men in your life and have a conversation about what it means to “Be a Man.” Together, we must challenge limiting gender stereotypes to improve the lives of our children and build a stronger country.

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