What’s the Secret to Connie Britton’s Hair?

We are thrilled to expand the #AskHerMore campaign with a short, funny video called “Connie Britton’s Hair Secret” starring. . .you guessed it. . .Connie Britton! It was written and directed by Britton’s Nashville co-star Laura Benanti and co-produced by Ashley Van Buren. Check out the humorous video below:



“Connie Britton’s Hair Secret” marks the kick off of our 2015 Fall #AskHerMore campaign. As you may remember, #AskHerMore is now in its second year of encouraging and celebrating reporters who ask women substantive questions on the red carpet and beyond. The campaign went viral at this year’s Oscars, trending on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Share the above video on Facebook and Twitter or forward this email, encouraging your friends and family to join this year’s #AskHerMore campaign. Then check out our #AskHerMore page with pre-fabbed posts so you’ll be ready for our next big event: live-tweeting the Emmys red carpet coverage on Sunday, September 20th! Together we can challenge and overcome limiting stereotypes in Hollywood and beyond.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project team