What’s on the Table for the Presidential Debates

Tonight kicks off the series of three scheduled presidential debates between Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden and the incumbent, President Donald Trump. And with the way 2020 has gone thus far—there’s going to be much to talk about. We’ll spare you the spiel on how the last two weeks alone have illuminated problems that need addressing (we’re sure the moderator will get to that),  but it’s hard to deny that there are American values failing us in our strides to achieve equality for all.

A few of the topics we can anticipate in tonight’s debate are the pandemic, the economy, and racial tensions. Throughout the weeks, as we’ve covered the current crisis, research has proven time and time again that these issues that America faces have disproportionately burdened women and women of color. And if we want to get to the root of it, we’re going to have to take a hard long look at American ideals.

By now you’ve probably heard of Kimberlé Crenshaw, scholar and mother of the term “intersectionality.” As an expert in our upcoming documentary The Great American Lie, Crenshaw breaks down precisely what has caused America’s rampant inequality. Crenshaw states, “We create inequalities by what we choose to value and what we choose to ignore.” Since the inception of our nation, we have overvalued all-things masculine—military, wars, policing—and have let sectors that are traditionally considered “feminine” go by the wayside.

As healthcare increasingly becomes a necessity during COVID and parents come to grips with inaccessible childcare, we hope that these issues that have affected the lives of most Americans aren’t overlooked in the upcoming presidential debates. But we can make sure that we continue to be vocal about the value of industries and policies that would improve the lives of not only women—but everyone.

Take Action! COVID has shown that feminized sectors deserve our attention. Continue to advocate for industries like healthcare, education, and childcare and let your local representatives know where you stand.