What Makes A Man?

The Representation Project is excited to partner with Harry’s on “A Man Like You.” This short film tells the story of an alien who discovers how to be a man with the help of a young boy. As a result of the alien’s many questions, the boy learns that traditional ideals of masculinity are sometimes too narrow for today’s world. In the end, a real man is simply a good human.

By teaming up with Harry’s, we’re furthering the cultural conversation around what it means to be a man today. Modern ideas around masculinity are complicated and we’re grateful for the many men that embrace an expansive set of values and reject expectations that don’t make sense anymore.

We don’t believe in boxes or labels – what it means to “Be a Man” is ultimately up to each person to decide for themselves. With Harry’s, we’re opening up the definition of masculinity because men can be both powerful and sensitive, bold and nurturing, and self-assured and open.